Aliens Touch Slot Explained for Mobile Casino Players

Aliens Touch Slot Explained

Aliens Touch is a montage of film and video slot, offering players a unique approach to slot style gaming. Aliens Touch is an incredibly vivid slot with outstanding three-dimensional graphics, featuring five reels and fifteen paylines.

Inspired by the 1986 American Science fiction, action film Aliens. Net Entertainment has worked closely with 20th Century Fox in order to produce a realistic and unique slots title.

The film Aliens is based around a central plot, which sees Ellen Ripley’s character venture back into space accompanied by a team of space marines. Ripley is in quest of the hostile planet believed to inhabit alien life forms.

Aliens Touch developed by Net Entertainment is based on this same premise and follows a sequence of events similar to that of the film with a clear vision to destroy all hostile threats.


An incredibly rich and immersive graphical interface provides players with a captivating slot experience, all viewed from a space marine’s helmet camera. The first person shooter experience is relayed to the player in an impressive and vivid display, which boasts smooth, controlled frame rates and eloquent game play.

The three dimensional graphics enhance the screen, drawing players into an action fantasy slots experience. Players opting for a game of Aliens Touch will be pleased as the slot features interchangeable wagering increments that range from 0.01 to 10.00 credits.

Aliens Touch Special Features

Aliens Touch incorporates unique features, which make game play even more exciting and potentially rewarding. Like in various other real money pokies by other developer, Net Entertainment has included wild substitutions, re-spins, and collectable multipliers in the video slot title.

Aliens Touch Mobile Casino Slot

Every Plot Has an Ending

The goal of Aliens Touch slot is to scan for life forms in various sectors, enduring waves of alien attacks, in order to progress to the Queens barracks, defeat her, destroy the hive and gather a potential big winning pot. The end goal is played out over three phases.

Phase One

Phase One is the starting point and base camp in Aliens Touch. Players will need to scan the surroundings and collect random multiplier symbols. Players need to acquire these symbols in order to level up the Aliens Touch Activity Meter. Level up all nine phases of the meter and progress to phase two of the attack.

Phase Two

Phase Two of Aliens Touch video slot is a battle ready stage; players will now need to endure waves of threatening alien attacks. Players will be thrilled to know that the initial spin in phase two guarantees a win, from previous symbol collection efforts.

Multipliers that have been accumulated in phase one will be added to winning combinations in the second phase of the real money slot.

To defeat the alien life forms players need to keep shooting at the imposing aliens on screen. Players should keep a watchful eye on the middle reel for Ammo clip symbols. These symbols will keep the ammunition charged and ready for alien attacks.

The ammo clip counter will trigger re-spins for charge ups and will decrease by one unit after every spin, for keeping steady fire on the hostiles.

Phase Three

If players happen to defeat all the hostiles from the second phase, phase three will initiate sequence.

Phase three is the Queens hive, completing all five actions that result in the destruction of the Queens hive and her death will award players with 240 times multipliers.

The Queen is damaged by the combination of grenades and multipliers, which can range up to ten times the stake amount.

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