Jewel Blast Online Slots in Detail for Players

Jewel Blast is an online casino slots game, created by QuickSpin. It features a five reel, twenty five line play system, as well as pleasant graphics and a delightful soundtrack. The player is required to make an initial up front bet, after which the reels are spun. If the reels stop with matching icons showing, payouts are made, depending on the value of the matching icons. Jewel Blast does, however, have an outstanding game play feature that makes it stand apart from other similar slot machine games.

Play Icons and Winning Matches

Jewel Blast uses a number of jewels as its play icons, as well as the jack, queen, king, ace of playing cards. The jewels, divided into colours, include a red, green, yellow, purple and white variety. The diamond is the most valuable, and will payout the most when matched. When a match is made, it will be indicated by a solid line allowing the player to see exactly how much will be paid out. These tile jewels may also be matched with the wild card which is one of the special features offered.

Special Feature Wins

The wild symbol, easily identifiable, may match with any of the coloured jewels, or any of the playing card symbols. It can stand as a substitute, and create winning sequences where none were possible previously. You mat, for example, get two diamonds plus a wild card, which will create a three diamonds winning payout. Note, however, that the wild card may not match with the bonus symbol. If you would like to see a more detailed explanation of how the matching sequences work, please click the playtable button found in the bottom left of the screen.

Jewel Blast Blasting Feature

If the player lands two or more bonus symbols, the blast feature will be triggered. This means that the matching symbols will explode, removing all tiles in their immediate area. Once these tiles are removed, new tiles fall in from the top of the screen, allowing for all new matches to be made. Ay matches made in this way payout more then usual. The tiles will explode again, depending on how many bonus symbols were matched. This is a great way to win impressive payouts, and one should hope to see as many bonus symbols during play as possible.

Designed for mobile Phone

Jewel Blast may be played directly on your phone. The controls and graphics are specifically designed for a touch screen, meaning that you may play anywhere, anytime. In order to play on your phone, simply download the application, wait for it to install, and tap the icon to start. Note that all the buttons also work with one touch functionality. Note, however, that the game is not compatible with all phone designs and models. If you are in doubt as to whether the game will work on your phone, simply look for the notification that reads this game is compatible with your device’s operating system.

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