5 Reasons Video Poker is The Most Popular Game in Online Casinos

With the ease of access provided by online gambling websites, players have a massive number of different games to choose from. Some of these games are extremely easy to play and rely mostly on lucky rolls on random generators, but these may not prove satisfying to gambling enthusiasts who prefer a bit more of a challenge. This is where video poker comes in, with its pleasant combination of luck and skill.

Here are 5 reasons video poker is one of the top trending games in online casinos such as the real money online pokies available at top NZ casinos.

It’s More Strategic

As mentioned earlier, most avid players find little satisfaction in clicking a button and letting the generator spit out some results. With games like this, the player has no power at all over the outcomes and it can become very dull.

In video poker, generators randomise the cards that are dealt in the same way a real-life dealer shuffles a deck into a random order. The difference is that you have the power to choose which cards to hold, and how much to bet. Players appreciate this aspect of the game as it allows them to leverage their skill and knowledge of the game and build on their strategies.

House Edge

Any player worth their salt understands the importance of house edge and odds. All casino games have a built-in level of advantage over the player, so games that are based entirely on chance always have a fixed statistical advantage in favour of the casino. That’s why games that allow for strategic play have a higher chance of winning, as they allow players to leverage their knowledge of the game and actually reduce the house edge, which is already intrinsically lower than in other games.

High Payouts

Due to video poker being a one-man game, unlike poker cards, the odds of winning and payout percentages are higher. In one of the popular variations, Jacks or Better, you win if you have a pair of jacks or anything better. This system is super easy for beginners, and promises some easy winnings, and the payout percentages are better than other variations.

Loads of Variations

Another draw towards video poker is the variety of game types available. When compared with other games, which have a kind of stock standard and change little game to game, players enjoy having more options for play. Besides the Jacks or Better variation, there are also Deuces Wild, Jokers Wild, Aces and Eights, Double Bonus variations, as well as many more.


Similar to slot machines, you can find video poker games in just about every online and land-based casino. Thanks to their easy accessibility and low costs to run, they are not only limited to casinos and are often found in some restaurants and supermarkets. You could play a couple of games on your shopping trip, or while waiting for your meal to be served. The availability of these games makes it easy for players to play frequently and practice their strategies.

As with most games, practice makes perfect, and video poker is the ideal casino game for anyone looking to challenge themselves and make some good earnings in an accessible fashion.

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