Exclusive Tips for Players of Poker Tournaments

Tips for Players of Poker Tournaments

Note Your Opponents

As in any competition, its always useful to know who your opponents are, and what they are capable of. Whether you do it mentally, or keep a notebook, try to be as thorough in your research of opponents as possible. Everything you may learn could be useful, both for offence and defence.

Check the Ranking Sites

When it comes to the large tournaments, one invaluable source of info on players can come from the various sites that rank players, and also provide helpful statistics and information such as their typical buy-in, win rate, tournaments played, etc.

Use the HUD

The HUD, or Heads-Up Display, is a very useful tool when it comes to things like keeping track of game info and other players, especially when you are playing multiple tables. Get to know the HUD, and all its details and functions, for quick reference and better focus on what you’re doing.

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Minimize Distractions & Use Breaks

Whether it’s at home or wherever you happen to play, try to keep any and all distractions at a minimum. Focus is obviously key, and over the extended period of a tournament, maintaining that focus paramount.

Also, when it comes to breaks, make sure to utilise them in order to keep fresh and alert. Make sure to stretch, use the toilet, get yourself drink and snacks, and whatever else you may need, to maintain comfort and focus.

Use the Betting Pre-set Buttons

When playing consecutive games in a tournament like at the sites featured at, getting to know and utilising the betting pre-set buttons is a very useful way to manage your betting. You can always see the stack sizes of your opponents, and so you can use the pre-set buttons to size your bets accordingly. Also, you may want to size up and size up your bets according to your own stack.

More Chance Taking in Bounty Tournaments

Though being conservative definitely has its advantages, when it comes to bounty tournaments, there is the added factor of the bounty. This is generally designed to encourage more chance taking and create more excitement, tension, and reward, and so can be both a boon and hindrance, according to how it’s played. Taking the right chances at the right time though, is what it’s all about.

Choose Tournaments According to Your Bank Roll

With the multitude of tournaments available, it’s easy to go beyond your means in terms of your budget. This is especially something that becomes compounded over multiple tournaments. Try to select tournaments that you know you can survive financially if things don’t go as planned.

Play As Many Tables As Possible

If you truly want to get serious and rank amongst the best, playing multiple tables in tournaments is a fast way to increase your win rate and ROI, Return On Investment. Keep in mind that this is provided you can handle it. When attempting to multi-table, it is important to only take on much as you can before it has a detrimental effect on your concentration and ability to keep track of things.

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