A Glance at Playing Online Caribbean Stud Poker

There are more than a hundred different types of poker available at online casinos. This variation bears testimony to the joy and winning potential of poker, and the very popularity of the game worldwide. With the growth of the internet, and despite the volumes of information available, people prefer shorter, and briefer snippets of information to digest, favouring more pictures, less text and everything that can happen quickly without testing the ever-shortening attention spans that the online community seems to exhibit.

Another feature of this shortening attention span is the growing predilection that gamers have for shorter, quicker and faster games. The casino industry is showing a similar trend, and truncated games are growing in popularity. Play Caribbean stud online to see evidence of this. No more the slower, considered, bluffing aspects to a card game; poker in this format is all about the pace of the action. Instant.

The ability to play Caribbean stud online lends itself to the mobile revolution that is so much part of the ‘instant’ trend. Being able to access a poker game instantly is exactly what players are looking for; hence, the surge in mobile gaming that is now such a large element of the gambling industry.

This obviously gives gamers the freedom to play this abbreviated version of 5-card stud at their utmost convenience.

To Play Quickly Caribbean Stud Online

This universal attention deficit condition is just ideal for anyone wanting to play Caribbean stud online. To play Caribbean stud online only takes a few minutes since players play directly against the banker in only three rounds of betting. This high action game therefore draws to a conclusion very quickly, allowing players to experience several hands of real action poker, during a toilet break. Alternatively, whilst in a traffic jam, or even just in a bank queue.

The objective of Caribbean stud poker is, quite simply, like five card stud, to create the highest combination possible with your cards. The payout is obviously linked to the combination achieved, and the rarity of that combination. When playing Caribbean stud, players play against the bank.

How the Game Works

The game begins with players placing an ante at At this point, players also decide whether to bet on the jackpot. Once the cards are dealt only one further bet, to remain in the game, is possible. This is called the raise, or call bet. Often this is double the ante.

After the ante bets have been placed, all the players and the dealer receive five cards each. In the case of the dealer, four cards are hidden and one is open. At this point the decision to play or fold needs to be made. Choosing play means immediately to double your bet.

The dealer then turns over their hidden cards. In order to continue, the dealer needs to have at least an ace and a king, failing which, all players still in the game receive a 1:1 payout on their ante. Should the dealer’s hand contain an ace and a king, the hands are compared. The winner is determined by the value of the cards in their hand.

Any players that have chosen to bet on the jackpot may now also receive a payout based upon their poker hand rankings. This ranges from 1:1 for a pair, going up to 200:1 for a royal flush.

Therefore, to play Caribbean stud online is quick, action-filled, and can be done in a flash. Literally.

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