Supernova Online Slot Described for Players

Microgaming software developers’ Supernova video slot machine has a completely different screen and game arrangement. Firstly, the setup is such that there is a bigger set of three reels on the left hand side, and a further double set of reels on the right hand side. The right hand side triple reels are somewhat larger than the double reels. This puts the Supernova video slots game into the category of 5 reel slots, split into a 3-reel game and a 5-reel slot game. The double reels to the right act as multipliers for any wins achieved on the triple reels section. This generates a remarkable set of multiplying effects, potentially up to ten times the bet value.

Multipliers are the Key

Supernova video slots game is, thematically, exactly as the name suggests; planets go supernova in a graphically excellent environment, and players are simultaneously inundated with appropriate inter-galactic accompaniments such as Helixes and Worm Holes. The coin denominations on this game range from 0.25 to 50 coins, and can be adjusted with ease. The triple-reel set of slots reels with its intergalactic themed icons operates all 27 pay lines.

There are only 6 symbols present, and these depictions of atoms and burning suns in bright colours therefore provide players with excellent payout rates, and hence a good chance of landing winning combinations. In order to even more increase the odds in the players’ favour, a skill-spin feature is enabled. When players land a winning combination on the triple reel part of this slots game, the double multiplier reels begin automatically spinning, generating increased winning effects by the multiplier as indicated by the centre position of the first reel on the double reel section. A second multiplier could even be won too, depending on the second reel. Should this occur, then the win is multiplied yet again.

Plying Supernova Effects

Initially, Supernova video slots game by Microgaming is played on a 3×3 game panel. As the start button is clicked, all 5 reels start spinning, and should a winning combination be landed, the 4th reel, or first reel of the double multiplier section keeps spinning, thereby deciding the multiplier. The win achieved can therefore immediately be multiplied by 2, 3, 5 or even 10 times. The final reel will then also cease spinning, often times providing even bigger pay outs as further multiplier effects are won.

To clarify further, and using the example of a simple 10 coin win on the main triple reel game. The double reels consequently spin, and the first multiplier reel reveals a 3x figure. The winnings are then multiplied by three at Microgaming powered casinos like you check out here. Ten times three equals 30 coins. Still quite small, but should the second multiplier reel come a 10x multiplier, suddenly the win is 30 x 10, and 300 coins is properly significant.

Winnings Multiplied

Supernova video slots, or, more accurately Microgaming takes the classic three reel slot game and makes it genuinely entertaining. A simple and effective way of enhancing wins on games. Bonus features at a new level, with only three slots and the power of multiplication.

The Wild symbol in Supernova slot machine plays a traditional role, although clearly enhances the base game winning effects even more.

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