Overview of Classic Blackjack Gold from Microgaming

The Classic Blackjack Gold game is part of Microgaming’s popular Gold Series. It’s a well-executed version of the classic game of Blackjack, with faster and smooth gameplay and improved graphics and animation.

Like most of Microgaming’s portfolio, this game can be played for free or for real money. Playing with no deposit gives you the chance to relax and just enjoy the game, and to practice and perfect your technique before you stake any of your real funds on winning.

Starting out in the free play mode is highly recommended, and you can play for money once you’ve built up your skills and confidence. To get you going on your Classic Blackjack Gold journey, check out the game review and guidelines below.

Game Basics

Blackjack is thought to have originated from a French card game called Ving-et-Un, which means Twenty-One. This Microgaming version is laced with a standard 52-card deck and the objective is to beat the dealer hand and get as close to a hand total of 21 without going over this amount.

You’ll begin every round of Classic Blackjack Gold by choosing how much you’d like to wager on your current hand, and then activating the deal by clicking the Deal button. At this point you’ll get a hand of 2 face-up cards, while the dealer will get a hand of 1 face-up and 1 face-down card.

This is where the strategy of the game really comes into play. You need to assess your own cards and the visible dealer’s card and decide what to do next. You can click the Hit button to receive another card and try to get closer to a 21 total, or you can indicate you are ready to end your turn by clicking the Stand button.

You can also choose to click Double which will double your wager and deal you 1 more card before ending your turn, or Split to double your turn and divide a Pair into 2 hands. When you are playing Split your additional cards will be dealt separately to each hand.

The dealer has to Hit if the original hand total is 16 or less, and has to stand if the total is 17 or more. You win by getting a total that is under 21 but higher than the dealer total; by staying within 21 when the dealer busts and by getting Blackjack, which is a total of 21 on the dot. If the dealer’s total is also 21 the game is drawn and you will push.

Classic Blackjack Gold Strategy Tips

As you play the game more you will develop your own style and tactics, and Microgaming also gives you access to a strategy chart as you’re playing. This will help you decide when to split, when to hold, when to double, when to hit and son on.

It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the Insurance option that is available to players of Classic Blackjack Gold. This protects you in the instances when the dealer has Blackjack, and pays out 2:1. Having this cover should allow you to take more calculated risks as you are playing.

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