An Introduction to Casino Etiquette – Minding Your Gambling Personality

Casino Etiquette

A big part of the casino’s charm are the conventions of etiquette and common courtesy when on the gaming floor. This isn’t to say that casino enthusiasts are expected to never put a foot out of place. It does however mean that being mindful of others, and acting with a certain measure of self-respect should always be at the order of the day.

Before visiting a casino for the first time, it is always a good idea to ask around regarding attire and general dress and behaviour. The rules of the different games must be studied beforehand too – at least as far as the basic do’s and don’ts are concerned.

Dress and Attire

Although some casinos may be nicer or grander than others, being taken seriously and being regarded with respect requires of you to always look your best by dressing the part. If you’re feeling up to dress up, you can still enjoy your favorite casino games in the comfort of your home.

While this certainly does not require of you to pitch up dressed in a rented tuxedo, the gaming floor isn’t the place for swimsuits, wet towels carried in from the pool, or bare feet. Comfort is perfectly acceptable – you’re there for a day or evening of fun, after all – but everything within the limits of decency and regard for others.

Get Acquainted with the Rules

Asking questions is perfectly fine but be sure to be mindful of the fact that there are others seated at the table who would also love to enjoy a relaxing night out. It is for this reason common courtesy to try and read about the basic rules of the game you wish to engage with before taking your seat at the table.

Handing Over the Dough

Many newcomers put their “foot in it” the first time exchanging money for chips at the tables. This is perfectly acceptable, but it’s nevertheless good courtesy to try and avoid causing too much of a riff when visiting the casino for the first time.

The most important rule for exchanging your money for chips from the dealer at a table, is to always put your money down on the table and remove your hands from the cash. This is because dealers aren’t allowed to accept money notes directly from your hands. The chips too, will be put onto the table by the dealer in return, after which you may retrieve them, and ideally stack them neatly in front of you (not in the general playing area, or players’ “boxes”).

Casino Betting

Know How Much to Bet

Knowing how much to bet in casino games such as poker means familiarising yourself with the minimum allowable bet and maximum allowable bet at the table. Take note too that these may change based on the time of day. Make sure that you take note of the information displayed at/on the table. Failing to do this will only cause the game to be slowed down for everybody else.

Dealing with Dealers

The most important thing to know about dealers is that they’re human beings – no different to you. Dealers don’t want you to lose your money any more than you do. Remember: the dealer isn’t “out to get you”.

Also try to tip the dealer whenever you possibly can. This will ensure that they continue to deliver that fantastic and friendly service most players have become accustomed to at their favourite gaming spots.

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