Great Roulette Tips for Better Wins

Roulette: the glamorous game of chance popularised by various films and television personas such as James Bond, George Clooney and many other flamboyantly debonair characters.  But Roulette isn’t just popular because of its infectious glamorisation portrayed by media – it is a complex cultural practise involving nuanced skills, odds, and risk.

The best players are those that understand precisely how and when to make certain moves – and which ones are not worth making. All players, both young and experienced, follow a code of strategies and techniques which enable them to make the most educated decisions and result in the most wins. Let’s go through them.

Be Patient

If you are playing at a land-based casino, choosing when and where to start your game can be a tedious process. If you rush it, you run the risk of seating yourself at a table with players who are taking a different strategic approach to you or who you do not get along with socially.

The mood and tone of your gambling environment should be one that you feel comfortable and confident in – remember, you are either going to be winning or losing to these individuals – and above all else, you will be sitting next to them for a while. Take your time choosing the right spot for you to put yourself in a more likely position to think clearly and win.

If you are playing online Roulette at, the aspect of patience is less central to your strategy but nonetheless important to remember for any player who is serious about winning big.

Be Selective

There are three dominant forms of Roulette which pertain to different regions of the world and each come with their own unique set of rules. American, French, and European Roulette are all popular and widely played throughout the world for different reasons. Although the structural integrity of all three remains the same, it is the minor differences in odds that separate them.

Selecting which version of Roulette you are going to play will have an effect on whether or not you win or lose a game. Even though the differences are small, they can be what separates a win from a loss. Most players prefer playing European as the odds weigh best in the bettor’s favour.

Be Informed

What sorts the wide-eyed newbies from the experienced, successful Roulette strategists is often information. Accessible to anyone interested in furthering and deepening their knowledge of the game, being informed about the history, fundamental structure, and pattern of odds is an invaluable asset to all Roulette players.

If you are a serious player with stamina for working your way to success, do yourself a favour and put in the research. Find out which strategies have worked for your favourite players, the subtle differences between all three versions of Roulette, and watch some tutorials on the art of betting and odds before expecting yourself to make it. With a little bit of research under your belt, you’ll be riding the waves of success before you know it.

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