Betting On Rugby Games Online

Rugby is a team sport that is played by many countries all over the world. It has a number of leagues, as well as a world cup competition. Rugby is a very popular sport for placing bets on as it has a number of different score outcomes, as well as things that could happen during the game.

Placing a bet on a rugby game, or even a whole season can be done online as well as at a local bookie. Betting online has become more popular due to its advantages such as being able to place bets from your own home. You no longer have to go and stand in long queues to place your bets, now punters can pick and choose their favourite sites from the comfort of their own home.

Formats And Tournaments

Rugby season differs to football season in that international matches happen while the national leagues carry on. This affects the national teams as the best players will have been taken out for the international matches. Of course, in turn, this affects the betting on the national leagues as the outcomes and strengths of the teams change when there is an international match or tournament on.

When betting on a national league such as the Super 15 in South Africa, it will be important to change and assess your strategy depending on which international games are being players as all of the Springbok players will have been taken out of the national teams. International leagues such as the Six Nations which consists of national teams should have a different approach to betting on them than national leagues and tournaments.

Rugby Betting Types And Odds

There are a number of betting types, of things that you can bet on not only during a match but throughout the season as well. The first is the supremacy bet. This is placed on a match and is basically about the outcome of the game. In a Supremacy Bet, the punter will have to guess how many points a team will beat another team by.

Various bets can be placed on an entire tournament. These include bets such as who will win the tournament, how many points a team will score during a tournament, and who will be in the semi finals and finals. Many of these bets are placed before the tournament begins.

Game bets include in game scoring methods, overall winners and highest point scorers. For instance, you can place a bet on which player will score the first try. These kinds of bets often have a high payout because the odds of getting them right are very low but really add an edge when placing bets at NZ betting sites.

Strategy And Tips

Rugby is a very popular sport worldwide with many teams and leagues to choose from. It is a good idea to pick one or two leagues to concentrate on to really get to know the players, the teams and even the coaches. Having a solid knowledge of how a team performs and why, is important to possibly winning bets placed on them.

Look at the odds offered by sportsbook bettors. These are a good indication of how the team is going to perform in the particular match or tournament. This should always be followed up with your own research, however.

Using a reputable site is incredibly important when placing bets. May sites are established by fly by night companies who are simply looking to make money off unwary punters. Read reviews on your chosen site and do some research before placing any money.

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